FAQ – Beagles as Watchdogs?

September 11, 2009 No Comments


Q.  Do Beagles make good watchdogs?

Well, it depends on your definition of a watchdog.  Our Beagles will alert us to anything coming up the front walk.  As soon as they see movement or hear knocking on the door, Riley will let out a short bark and then climb on top of the chair and stick her head between the blinds.  Toby will start baying at the top of his lungs and won’t stop until the person is in the house and he can smell them.  Once Toby starts baying, then Riley will start barking.  From the outside, they sound like huge, mean dogs and this could deter any intruders.  My mom’s friend actually refused to come in because she thought they were ferocious.  However, once you are inside, their tails start wagging and they just want to greet you and play.  There have been a couple of occasions where Toby will growl real low at the visitor and stand in their way until we tell him it’s ok (especially if he is unfamiliar with them).  But usually he’ll just lead you over to the treat jar and try to get you to feed him.  So, our Beagles are good watchdogs in that they’ll let us know if anyone is approaching the house.  But as far as once they’re in the house, it’s all up in the air.


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