Spaying and Neutering

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7When it comes to spaying or neutering pets, there are many misconceptions.  Usually people think the main reason to do it is to prevent an unplanned litter of puppies.  Others may think that you are being cruel or inhumane to have put your Beagle through the surgery.  However, spaying and neutering your Beagle is actually beneficial to their health.  While it does prevent Beagles from mating, the main reasons these procedures are recommended is to keep your Beagle safe from potentially life threatening diseases.

Spaying a female Beagle involves surgically removing the uterus and ovaries.  Some benefits include:

  • Eliminates her chances of developing ovarian cancer
  • Significantly reduced her chances of developing mammary cancer
  • She will not go experience heat cycles, thereby no mess for you to clean up or having to worry about staining your rugs or furniture
  • In addition, without her heat cycles, you do not have to deal with aggressive male Beagles howling or trying to get into your yard to mate with your female Beagle

Neutering a male Beagle involves surgically removing the testicles.  Some benefits include:

  • Eliminates his chances of developing testicular cancer
  • Significantly reduces his chances of prostate disease
  • Less likely to urinate to mark their territory
  • He will tend to be calmer and less prone to roam around looking for a mate.

Typically Beagles should be spayed and neutered around six months of age. It is recommended that females get spayed before their first heat cycle. These procedures are done under anesthesia and puppies have a fairly quick recovery time and don’t need pain medication. They may be more tired the first couple of days but are usually back to normal within the week. However, it is recommended that you keep your puppies calm and rested for at least two weeks to let the sutures fully heal.


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